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October 2014 - Bucks County Disc Golf and Camping:


October 2013 - Halloween:


October 2013 Disc Golf Camping Trip:



Our 2013 trip to Washington DC:



Our 2012 trip to France:


Our friend Brent invited us to spend a week with his family in a house he had rented in Southern France, so we flew there with our friends, Roger, Christy, and Olive.


After a week in Southern France, we took a train to Paris and spent 2 days there:


Some other interesting documentation of our trip:



Our 2010 trip to Kentucky:


July 2008: A long weekend of Disc Golf in Highbridge Hills, Wisconsin, with Scott Sayre, David Barrett, and Mark Jung.

Jack Roddick and Don Dillon get in 9 holes of disc golf at Willow Mill Park in Mechanicsburg, PA. October, 2007.

Brian, Roger Sayre, Stan Friedman, and Barry McMahon enjoy a long weekend of disc golf in Pennsylvania, October 2007. We played 6 great courses: Tinicum Park, Nockamixon State Park, Little Lehigh Parkway, Jordon Creek, HoboWoods, and Codorus State Park.

Our amazing 2007 vacation! We flew to Chicago, then rode trains to
the Grand Canyon. After 3 days there we rode trains again to Albuquerque where we spend Easter with Kim's brothers and familes.


Brian, Scott Sayre and David Barrett enjoy a long weekend of disc golf in Bucks County Pennsylvania, May 2006. We played 4 great courses: Tinicum Park, Nockamixon State Park, Little Lehigh Parkway, and Jordon Creek.

Our great 2005 vacation! We flew to Seattle, WA and spent time
with our friends Patty and Kevin, then took a 16 hour train ride
to Glacier National Park, Montana and spent a few days there.
Then took a 20 hour train ride to Minneapolis where we spent a
few days with our friends Scott and Kris.

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Brian joins Scott Sayre and Roger Sayre for a weekend of disc golf at Tinicum Park and Nockamixon State Park, Bucks County Pennsylvania, May 2004. (40 photos!)
Brian and Chris participate in the World's Biggest Disc Golf Weekend, 2004.
Scott, Barry, and Brian's Snow Sculpture adventure in Minnesota, 1999.
Assorted Rubberband Balls of our friends.
Monica and Kerry deliver a ton of baby stuff.
Monica, Kerry, and David's first trip to see Wyatt.